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Quality Control Process

  • Inspection Of Semi-Finished Products

    Products with qualified quality shall be registered in the warehouse, and the products shall be discharged in the processing area.

  • Finishing Inspection

    Write the inspection report and apply for scrapping, and eliminate defective products in time.

  • Warehousing Inspection

    For qualified products, write the warehouse-in inspection report, open the warehouse-in order, and put the product into the warehouse.

Our Blog

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    Application of privacy film for laptop

    The application of privacy anti-peep film for a laptop can help protect your screen from prying eyes and maintain privacy in public or shared environments. This type of film is designed to limit the viewing angle of the screen so that it is only visible to someone directly in front of it.  To ap...

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    Manufacturing process of mobile phone hydrogel film

    The manufacturing process of mobile phone hydrogel film typically involves the following steps: Material Preparation: The raw materials needed for hydrogel film production, such as cross-linking agents, polymer solutions, and additives, are prepared according to the specific formulation requirem...

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    Hydrophobic and oleophobic application of phone hydrogel film in life

    Phone hydrogel films with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties offer several benefits and applications in daily life. Here are some ways in which these films are utilized: Screen Protection: Hydrophobic and oleophobic phone hydrogel films provide a protective layer on the screen of the device. ...

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    HD hydrogel privacy film and matte hydrogel anti-peep film

    Both high-definition hydrogel privacy film and matte hydrogel anti-peep film are designed to protect your privacy by limiting the viewing angles of your device’s screen. However, there are some differences between the two. Display Quality: High-definition hydrogel privacy film is designed to mai...

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    Is a laptop hydrogel protective film necessary?

    Laptop hydrogel protective films offer several benefits, including: Scratch Resistance: Hydrogel films can protect your laptop from scratches, scuffs, and abrasions caused by everyday use or contact with sharp objects. Shock Absorption: The hydrogel material has a cushioning effect that can help...

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